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“Best of the best” unemployed youth get a chance to shine

Dear MSAF, Tony, Alyce, David, Brian, John, Tom, Lisa, Carol, John, Dana, Darnell, and Andrew,

Your contribution to the NetHope Academy helps to provide essential training and work experience to the “best of the best” unemployed youth through a unique collaboration with educational institutions, the private sector and the international development community. Preference in enrollment is given to underrepresented populations, especially young women and natives of rural areas. Graduates will be well equipped in technical and soft skills training, intern placement, and mentoring and outplacement support.

Our proven track record is preparing information and communication technology (ICT) trained individuals for the technology community.

Thank you so much for your support. You have all played a role in reaching more students in the developing world and helping them transition into a career in technology!

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